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Couples Therapy

Two of you. Repairing & Rebuilding.

Couples therapy is for people who are unhappy in the current state of their relationship. In this work, we figure out how to get on the same page, together. The work of couples lies in building communication and resolving conflicts. The therapist has no allegiance or vested interest in either party and acts as a reflective sounding board to help couples see what they don't see. Together, we identify where the problems lie, put everything out on the table, and find common solutions.


One area we love to work on with couples is in parenting. Many times young couples don't realize how much adding little new members to their homes can disrupt marital bliss. Any change to the family system requires flexibility and adaptability to survive. Sometimes, the patterns we engage in at these junctures turn out to not be the best for our marriages and romance. Parenting styles can differ greatly, and  we only know what we know from our own experiences as children. How we were raised can really influence the way in which we parent.

Couples who have experienced disruptions in their relationship, couples who are just starting out and couples who are contemplating separation can all benefit from exploring their relationship patterns and seeing where they can make change for mutual benefit. Couples therapy can be used to address communication problems, the trust issues, the sexual issues, control issues, and money problems, all of which most commonly lead to problems in couples relationships.

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