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Family Therapy

All together. Parents and children.

Family therapy is where we get to the root of a problem, that everyone is a part of. No particular member of the family is the cause of the problem because it is a system, with many moving parts. Its just stuck. Family therapy can be helpful when there are changes happening and the old ways in which the family worked before, aren't working any more.

Family therapy starts with everyone, meaning all the members of the group come in together to air their grievances and share with me the ways in which they interact. Then, from there we map out a plan to work on the problem, which can include sessions with individuals, couples or the whole family. 


Family therapy is great for life-cycle changes, such as new members being added in, people splitting up, children leaving home, and losses. Family therapy is a great way to work on parenting. Many couples find themselves stymied with the process, and therapy can be a great place to work on plans to get on the same page and raise children together. Family therapy also works with adult children and parents. It's never to late to work on creating healthier and happier relationships!

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