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Healthy. Natural remedies.

Nutritional therapy combines naturopathic healing modalities with psychotherapy for an integrative treatment of mental health. Food influences mood, and there are many ways to address the way you feel through examining diet and lifestyle. In Nutritional Therapy, we look at the way you are feeding your body AND soul to come up with a plan for overall improved wellness.

Nutritional therapy works great for individuals who are struggling with chronic health conditions that are impacting their day to day lives.  It also works for people who just don't feel great in their bodies and would like some guidance as to how to change that. Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. In these sessions, we will examine your habits, educate around food and nutrition and make changes to support an overall improvement in your body and mind.

One theory on holistic approaches to wellness is that food is secondary nutrition to our bodies. What truly nourishes us are things like our relationships, our job satisfaction, our level of physical exercise and our spirituality. In science based education, we are taught that food helps to create neurotransmitters for the brain (the things that dictate how we feel) and certain foods can cause inflammation, which upsets all of our body's processes. Together, we will explore all the different theories and ideas about health and wellness and integrate them with the understanding that one works in tandem with them other. 

Rachel holds a certification as a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP) and has an additional certification in Holistic Health Coaching, which allows her to integrate nutritional interventions into working with mental health and overall wellness.

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