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Embrace your authentic self and empower
your relationships through therapy.

We are a group of Marriage and Family Therapists practicing from a non-pathologizing, systemic framework to help our clients figure out how to solve their problems.

We love helping people feel better!

Getting Help

Many problems that seem complex have very simple solutions. Sometimes just having an outlet to share frustrations or speak about your experiences, to a neutral party, can offer you a perspective you had not been able to see before. What would you like to be different?

Our Approach

 Interactive. Open minded. Curious. Supportive.

Clients should feel heard and get feedback on what they bring to therapy. Sessions are interactive, conversational, and educational.  How the process goes, is entirely up to you! Client (you) and clinician (us) develop goals for the therapeutic process that are realistic and attainable and will lead to you feeling better than when you started.

Whole Soul Counseling

1250 Summer Street, Suite 304

Stamford, Connecticut

Email us at:​


Tel: 203-859-9335

Fax: 203-859-9588


We serve clients in the greater Connecticut and New York area

In network with UHC, Oxford, Cigna, Aetna and Husky

*Virtual sessions available to clients in CT and NY only*


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