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New Endeavors

I am changing things up a bit and I hope that this provides you with an opportunity to see what it looks like to be flexible and adaptable :-)

I've decided to make a commitment to this blog and be more present in it. That means I will write more about the things I feel I have to offer ,that can be helpful to you. I'm also hoping to reach more people by being consistent and present on here. I started slowly, posting articles twice a month and sharing tips for recipes and practices you can try. Now, I plan on posting weekly, sharing more personal reflections alongside the information, and posting these blog posts across all of my social media platforms. Why am I telling you all of this instead of just doing it? I want you to be an active participant in this journey! Share this blog with your friends. Comment on my posts. Did you know you could do that? You can! And stay tuned for some things that are in the works. My subscribers get first peek and access to the great content I'm putting together to share.

So how is this post supposed to be helpful to you? I'm hoping that you can see how sometimes trying new things can be overwhelming and even scary for EVERYONE. They can be so scary, that you get paralyzed by the fear and don't follow through. We all get stuck in the "what ifs", what if no one reads this? What if someone tells me it's dumb? What if the whole world blows up and eradicates civilization because I decided to blog more? Wait. That seems a bit extreme. Do you see where I'm going here? Where are all the good what ifs? What if someone who is struggling with trying something new themselves reads this, and gets bold, and does what they want to do? What if someone sees this and shares it with someone else who is struggling and it helps them? What if Oprah sees this post and shares it on her social media? Wait. Again. That sounds a bit much. A girl can dream. And a girl can take action, even when it's a little scary.

Want to keep reading posts like this? Subscribe here! I'll even throw in a free download that can help you! Check it out and I'll see you soon.

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